Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giant Bear House

This is a 12 cutie Giant bear collected on year 2006. Mostly are collected by my SIL. Keep at cabinet for some times already, last week only have time to snap a photo & upload it at here.

Received Huggies Pull-up pants RM10 Voucher

I received Huggies discount voucher for Pull-up pants on 25/9, i will use it if their is a sales at Carrefour soon. Thanks to Kimberly-Clerk.

Go to Playground

Last sunday, we bring Ling Sien go to playground near by Tesco at Banting after heavy rain. She felt enjoy at there, but the next day she get flu and cough, pity her.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Be a SustaClub Member

Yesterday i receive a letter from Sustagen, together with the catalouge + car sticker + fridge magnet + welcome gift voucher. Finally i sucess to be a member for SustaClub ~_~

I Luv YoUr BloG

Wow, feel so happy, again i get award from mummy Esmeralda, TQVM...

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I would like to pass this award to:

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blog Award from Mummy Esmeralda

I was so suprise when Esmeralda leave a message for me to get my award from her blog. Million thanks to Esmeralda.

Thanks for Joanne Tiew guide me how to upload this award on my blog too.

Here are the rules that come with the award. The rules are these:
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Now it's my turn to make my nominations, so the award goes to:
1) Theresa -
2) Pauline -
3) Yurri -
4) Yugene -
5) Vivi -
6) Doreen -
7) Glady -

Sustagen 100% Nutritionland @ MV on 31/8/08

I bring Ling Sien go to join this Sustagen fair on Merdeka Day. I Meet Peggy & Ann on that day. Compare to Enfa Camp, Ling Sien was more enjoy on all the games. And the freebies are more useful.

Diaper Sample

I Felt so happy to received Taiwan MP diaper from Ann mummy, a big THANKS to Ann.

I was received 4 pcs diaper sample on 19/9 from pureen, their service are so effisien, i send my request on 16/9, then received the big envelope after 2 days. They send all together 4 pcs diaper + some leaflet.

so happy to received diaper samper from SCA Hygine New Improved Drypantz) and Genesis Square (Scoobe Diaper).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

4th Parenthood Expo @ Mid Valley ~ 24/8

We went to Parenthood expo at MV on Sunday morning, busy grab gift after reach the exhibition hall. I meet Peggy, Huey Yuan, Grace, Li ping, Ann, Joanne N & Jessica at there, just snap photo with Joanne only.

Ling Sien having fever a day before we go to MV, i really worry her situation at expo there which was crowded & cool, but luckily she just had a bit fever & didn't felt unwell.

I bring Ling sien to join a game held by Dumex, if she can complete the all 4 game then we are entitle to get a photo frame. But unfortunately, we was queue too long on the 3rd game, then Ling Sien felt tired so finally we give up.

I most like the coocoomamapapa mystery gift, the Heinz was so cute. Ling Sien snap 3 pcs photo at Dumex booth & able to get their height chart + Tupperware. I get Huggies Bag too, nice colour. We snap photo at Today’s Publishing booth, we get a free photo shooting + A4 size print out photo due to we I subscribe 3 issues of mami bao bei magazine at there.

Some others gift I get is wyeth pregnancy book, Lion Mask + Pen, baby on board, key chain, Sealer Diaper sample and so on. I hope I can join again on next coming Parenthood expo.

1st Time Ling Sien go to Cinema

After came back from Enfa Camp, me & hubby bring Ling Sien go to watch movie at Bukit Raja TGV cinema. We get a free ticket from Bonus Link. I can felt Ling Sien was felt scary inside the cinema, this is because of the sound system were too noise. Finally she sleeps before the movie finish.Before we go into Cinema, Ling Sien was meet a clown at there & I suggest the uncle clown to made a flower for my gal, the uncle clown make a seeds for my girl2 & told her to wait for the seed become a flower. I feel so funny on what the uncle clown said, but finally the uncle clown ask us to wait for a while…..hehe guess what; he use another orange colour baloon to make a flower & attach it with the seeds: the flower was so NICE, he let the flower to put on my girl's hand & my girl was felt so happy. Thanks uncle clown @_@

Enfa Camp 17/8/08 @ Sunway Pyramid

I bring Ling Sien to join enfa camp at Sunway Pyramid on 17/8, the next day on her birthday. She seem does not enjoy or felt excited on this camp, maybe this is 1st time i let her to attend this function. I get 2 goodies bag at here. Felt so happy can able to snap a photo with Enfa mascot.

Ling Sien 3 years old birthday

We celebrate ling sien's birthday at my mum house on 16/8. We having simple steamboat dinner as her celabration. She felt proud because she have a cake with doraemon & pooh bear on top. I buy for her a barbie doll toy set, she get an ang pow from my mum n hair accesorries from my sister ~_~