Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Dear all My Buddiess / Friendss: THANKSSS to all of you!! As a conclusion of the yr, I want to say, this year we really joint many2 events / roadshow & grabbing more and more freebies or goodies together. Therefore, the met had level up our friendship. Thanks for been SHARING and BLOGGING together all the INFO, GIFT, FREEBIES, SWEET MOMENT & what ever happening. Hope next year, we can still have this opportunity to continue on our relationship & looking forward more events, gathering & goodies ya. Thanks for being my friend!! I appreciated it on my deeply heart ~_~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Received a prizes from Dumex ~ Won for My Parent's Day Card Contest @ Dec

This is the 1st time i won for the newsletter contest. Thanks for Winnie Tan Mummy keep on encourage me to join and thanks to Nicole Mummy who was the 1st informed me about the good news before i received the newsletter. Thanks to Dumex too @_@

The pict i sens was the carnation flower (pict no. 10)

This is the prize i received:

It is a Pelikan Mini- Friends paiting set:

Inner view: