Monday, March 23, 2009

Winnie The Pooh Sticker Album

I bought this sticker album at pasar pagi Banting on last Sunday (22/3/09). I promise to buy for Ling Sien the blank sticker book a night before, because she have few sticker which we get on expo & roadshow, but no book for her to stick. She have 1 sticker book before, I get it upon sign up as chicky club member, but that time she still small so the book was didn’t keep in good condition. Me & Ling Sien wake up at early morning (around 7:30am) to follow my parent go to jalan2 at pasar pagi. Due to jalan2, Ling Sien sure will wake up without call many times.

After reach pasar, we go to the 1st stall to search for the sticker album. This stall didn’t sell the blank album, all are colouring book attach with few page sticker, Ling Sien was felt disappointed. After that, we go to another stall which mostly sell toys & hang some sticker at side. I didn’t see any sticker album display, so I try to ask the boss, haha…so lucky we able to find the blank sticker album at last. They keep this album inside the box which put besides their van, they did not display out.

The sticker albums have variety design on cover, which include Ultraman, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, Cinderella & WTP. Ling Sien at 1st aim on the Ultraman (dunno since when she feel interested on Ultraman), but I try to pursued her to choose the WTP, I told her ultraman is for boy one. Hehe….finally she take the WTP sticker album, wow….so happy can complete this mission. This album was cost RM3.00 per book.