Sunday, March 15, 2009


My family photo was won at mumcenter weekly photo contest. I really felt happy & appreciate all voter's support....THANKSSSS all my dear friend @_@

i never win any photo contest, this is my 1st winning. i try to join last yr on the mumcenter, but i did not win. After that, this contest was close for certain period, this yr they having again, i really felt happ i can win at last .

I also submit my gal photo to join young children category, but didnt win, anyway i need to THANKSSSS to all friend's support & vote, i appreciated


MommyAngel said...

Congrats again ya. You are welcome on the votes dear :) I am happy for you too!! A good start!!

the little prince said...


What's the prize huh?

Ping said...

Congratulation ! You are welcome too.

Kristie said...

congrats dear! I think the prize is from drypantz ya?

So sad, i didnt win :(

MeRy said...


What is the prize?

Actually i also joined this contest,same time with u...but then I did not invite anybody to vote for me.....lazy,juz join for fun.

Yvonne Tan said...

thanks all frien :)

still dunno wat prizes i will get.

kristie, dun feel sad, next round will be ur turn to win, jia you ya.

mery, ya i saw ur pict n vote for u too!! jia you ya :)

nicole said...

Congrate to u Yvonne, u deserve it~